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Worried Prairie Dogs

Last weekend's Artist Studio Tour was amazing, and I was fortunate to participate. Hundreds of people with sparkling eyes. Kind conversations. New connections. I received an invitation to show some work at the Legacy Event Center in Lubbock, and today I put up six pieces in their gallery. The center is run by the YWCA, and a portion of the sales proceeds goes to support the YWCA's child development center.

Emily Sharp leads Head Start students in an art crit session.

Just as I got my pieces on the wall, a group of Head Start kids came to look at the art. The center director, Emily Sharp, led the kids through an exploration of felted animal figures, then my art quilts. One of them pointed out that the prairie dogs on one of my quilts looked angry. Emily asked why they were angry, and I told the kids that the prairie dogs sometimes worry about roads and houses and people. One of the teachers piped up: "Worry? Worry! Remember, 'worry' is a FEELING word. We talked about that, remember?" Then the kids chimed out a medley of reasons why the prairie dogs are worried. "They're worried about their mommy! They want to know where their mommy is! They worry about having a cozy place to live! They are worried about being hungry!"

Oh, yes. I join in supporting these kids. I will be double happy to sell work through this venue.


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